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Entry-level, schmentry-level. The BB5 offers Avid's Tri-Align Caliper Positioning System, tool-free pad replacement, a melt-forged body and an inboard pad adjustment knob.

With Avid’s Tri-Align™Caliper Positioning System™, aligning the caliper to the rotor literally takes seconds. Just loosen the CPS™ bolts a little, and then squeeze the brake lever while re-tightening the bolts. Perfect caliper alignment—just like that.

Compatibility: Mountain style levers

Rotor: G2 CleanSweep 160mm, 185mm, 203mm

Without Disc: $50 (1 bicycle set)

Price with Disc: $58 (1 bicycle set)

Weight: 335 grams (160mm rotor; front post mount)


Black only

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